HR Tax Services

HR Tax Services provides personalized U.S. tax services to a broad range of clients. Whether you are an American citizen, the owner of a small business, or a foreign investor, our straightforward filing process makes staying compliant with your U.S. taxes easier than ever.


Our Services

Personal Tax Preparation

  • Individual tax filing  

  • Additional child tax credit 

  • Foreign business owners

  • FBAR and FATCA compliance 

  • Late filers (streamlined compliance procedures)

  • Non-U.S. individuals & investors

Business Tax Preparation

  • Corporation tax returns

  • Foreign owned U.S. corporations 

  • Foreign subsidiaries 

  • Partnership tax returns

  • S-corporations 

  • Bookkeeping

Other Services

  • Tax Consultation

  • Co-ordinated services with our associates (legal and non-U.S. tax compliance)


Contact Us

Contact us to see how our tax expertise and personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration while staying up to date with your tax compliance.

US: 773-596-9595

UK: 020-7097-3150

Israel: 058-475-0643

We look forward to working with you!


Hannah Russek, IRS Enrolled Agent

Federally Licensed U.S. Tax Preparer

Hannah Russek, E.A. is a federally licensed U.S. tax preparer with years of experience assisting businesses and individuals with their U.S. tax and bookkeeping needs. Hannah always strives to provide friendly and professional service, and looks forward to working with you!